What’s your Walk Score


Have you heard about {Walk Score}? Every home on the MLS has a walk score ranked 0-100 which tells you how close you are to restaurants, schools, parks, bars, and more. Home buyers prefer properties that are walkable to some of their favorite places.

The gated 228 Montclair Lane in Salinas {priced at $459,900 for a 3 bed/2.5 bath} has a walk score of 54 with these hot spots less than half a mile:
BJ’s Brewhouse
El Dorado Community Park

Check out the walk score at some of my other public listings:

  • 7070 Rainbow Drive #5, San Jose, CA
  • 233 Montclair Lane, Salinas, CA
  • 1225 Vienna Drive #202, Sunnyvale, CA

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What’s Your Walk Score?

Are you moving to a new home, trying to learn about a new town, or thinking about visiting a place?  Enter a location on Walk Score  and get a rate out of 100 on how close you are to restaurants, schools, parks, stores, and other categories.  If you visit me at my Intero office located downtown Hollister, you can easily walk to a bunch of locations.  Take advantage of the life around you!  Walk Score. Drive less, live more.