Moving Checklist: RealtorKJ

The whirlwind of moving can quickly take on the effects of a hurricane when you add in kids, pets, or special circumstances. As is the case with most things in life, planning is key!

Whether you have six months, or six days to get it all done, just take a deep breath, prepare and let’s get planning!

Once you have decided to move, and established a loose timeline, its time to prep, prioritize and pack. Knowing what you touch and use daily as opposed to items in closets, storage and in the very back of cupboards makes it easier to start packing early on. If you are able to spread the work out, you, your family, and your pets will all feel at ease.

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New Years Resolutions for your Home – Part ONE

For many people, the start of the new year is an opportunity to set new goals; a chance to achieve the things that may have overwhelmed them previously. Whether your goals are for your pocketbook, your waistline or your family- they’re all achievable! Make a list, set a plan and hop to it! Below are some of the top resolutions, no matter how cliche, and how they pertain to your home. This year could be the year you not only improve your mind, body and soul… but your HOME! Enjoy these top 5 resolutions, and check back in a few days for the remaining five.


Lose Weight

Fitting into your favorite jeans, or buying a size down is exciting, but in your home, fitting all of your belongings in the space you have is key to pleasant day-to-day living. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out, over the top project. Break your space out into zones. Perhaps its easiest for you to go room to room. Maybe you prefer to pull anything that doesn’t have a home into a common space and organize it from there. The most effective practice for me is setting locations for everyday items. Office supplies, utility items, craft, miscellaneous can all migrate into designated areas. Streamline your life! Imagine what you could do with an empty shelf in the garage, or how much easier it would be to cook after clearing old items you no longer need or use in the kitchen. You know what you can handle. Set a timeframe, and goals– you can do this!


Quit Smoking

Everyone knows it’s a nasty habit, its rough on your body and is proven to shorten your lifespan. In your home, smoking can be interpreted in many ways. Make new, healthy habits in 2017 by designating January as the month you ensure the cleanest air possible inside your home. Check and replace air filters, vacuum out registers, wipe down hard to reach surfaces, and clear your dryer vents. You’ll be shocked by how much dust might be lying around your house. Especially living in Central California with seasonal weather. Another way to protect those in your home would be replacing batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors, using air purification machines and dehumidifiers can also reduce allergens like dust, mildew and mold in your home.


Save Money/Get Out of Debt

Your home can be a money pit or you can leverage it to be a worthwhile investment. Understanding your finances is the first step. Know what your limits are and don’t over extend yourself. Some simple steps could free up cash to be put toward your mortgage, or toward various projects to increase your equity. Reevaluate your utilities- has your gas bill jumped? Is your water use out of control? Are you throwing money at landscaping that dies every season? Are you paying for more channels than you could watch in a year? Take stock of your daily habits and examine how you could make changes to put some extra cash in your wallet.


Learn a New Language

Learning something new, as challenging as an entire language, can seem daunting. The home-buying process can hurl new words, acronyms and topics that can easily sound like greek at times. An easy way to reduce stress before you start your search, is by reading up on the basics. Get to know financial terms, discover essential steps, and clarify any questions you might have prior to beginning the process. Learning these things before you proceed is a great way to ensure you make educated decisions. Find a book, a blog, a magazine or website that you can relate to, and always, always  make sure it is a reliable source. Some of my top picks are: Forbes  Money  and for real estate RealtorKJ , of course.


Get Organized

Don’t worry, we already covered purging your closets and tackling those junk drawers. This topic is dedicated to the organization of everything that goes into your home. Collect all of your utilities, chart them on a calendar (electronically allows you to set reminders), and streamline everything from home maintenance to monthly expenses. Additionally, you will benefit come tax-season! Get rid of those stacks of papers and make your life easier.


Implementing these resolutions could allow you to be prepared if you take the leap of listing your home with me Kristen Jurevich, if it sells faster than you anticipate, or if you decide to purchase. Having your life organized, being educated and prepared will make the moving process far easier to handle. I am always available as a resource and am happy to answer any questions, refer you to resources, or help to navigate your next step toward homeownership. I look forward to finding your first home, an additional income property, or your forever home. Give me a call (831) 801-8206 or shoot me an email at and let’s resolve to make a move in 2017!


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Friday The 13th: The 13 Most Iconic Holiday Superstitions


Christmas trees and greenery are just one of the classic holiday traditions practiced around the world. Reuters
As we revel in the excitement of the Christmas season, it is easy to overlook many of the timeless superstitions that we work into our holiday routines.

Most of these legends are celebrated traditions offering simple tricks to gain good luck for the coming year or a gift from Santa that isn’t a dull lump of coal. And, in honor of a Friday the 13th placed smack in the middle of the holidays, we’ve gathered 13 of the most well-known holiday superstitions below.

1. Those Born On Christmas Day Are Protected From Death

It is believed that people born on Dec. 25 will never encounter a ghost or ever be approached by spirits. And, an added bonus for all you Christmas babies, legend says you are also protected from death by drowning or hanging, says Snopes.

2. Hanging Stockings Will Bring Good Luck

The tradition of hanging stockings is in honor of St. Nicholas. It’s told that he was so compassionate toward three struggling sisters that he tossed three coins down their chimney. The coins landed into stocking that were drying on the home’s hearth. So, we hang stockings in hope that similar luck will come upon us — or at least a winning lotto card will magically appear in one of them.

3. Swing Your Door Open On Christmas Eve To Free Evil Spirits

You might want to add this to the list of things to do before bed this Dec. 24. At midnight on Christmas Eve, people once opened their doors to let out any evil spirits that may be trapped in the house.

4. Keep Things Green For A Chance At Good Fortune

Want good luck in the coming year? Just max out on the greenery with your holiday decorations. Evergreens are a symbol of both new and long-lasting life and we decorate our homes in a testament to our belief in this statement. They represent a fresh start for the New Year and hope of good fortune.

5. Mistletoe Is One Tough Plant

Mistletoe has been attributed to a host of powerful fixes, including fighting witches and lightning. It has even been said to cure poison, epilepsy, barrenness and whooping cough. For this reason, it is said that you should actually leave it hanging year-round from one festive season to the next. And, who said it was only good for a perfectly-timed kiss?

6. Santa Won’t Come If You Don’t Go To Sleep

Any child knows very well how this superstition works. Don’t go to sleep and Santa won’t be making a stop at your house as he delivers his gifts on Christmas Eve. And, though normally there are no repercussions for sneaky little ones that refuse to go to bed, this remains a time-honored secret weapon for parents worldwide.

7. Bad Behavior Means A Gift Of Coal

Another classic superstition that successfully strikes fear into the hearts of the less agreeable little ones. It is usually said the coal will appear hidden in a wrapped gift or in the offenders’ Christmas stocking.  Although used year-round by parents, this threat is most often utilized during the holiday season.

8. Steal Successfully On Christmas And You’re Safe To Steal All Year

It isn’t recommended to try this legend out. But it is said that if you steal on Christmas or New Year’s Day and don’t get caught, you can steal the rest of the year without having to worry about getting caught.

9. Keep Those Christmas Candles Burning 

One ancient superstition says that to bring good luck in the coming year, Christmas candles should be left burning until Christmas morning. They were normally left in the window all night and weren’t to be touched from the time they were lit until they were put out.

10. Show Carolers A Little Love 

Christmas carolers may be one of the more annoying aspects of the season for some. But it’s recommended that you think twice before shooing them away from your door. It is supposed to be extremely unlucky to send carolers away empty-handed no matter how terrible they sing. It is recommended that you at least offer money, food or drink since the singers could actually be a king, or angel, or maybe even Beyonce in disguise.

11. Black Eyed Peas Equal Good Luck On New Year’s Day

This is one very well-known superstition that many families follow strictly on New Year’s Day.

12. A Glass Of Champagne Brings Good Fortune Your Way

Drinking champagne is also said to bring good luck in the new year. So, make sure to fit that champagne toast into your New Year’s festivities.

13. Clean Your House Before New Year’s Day

Ahead of New Year’s Day, it is said you should clean your house thoroughly and ditch all of your old cleaning equipment when you finish. That means, mopping, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming all before the clock strikes midnight. This is said to sweep away all the final remnants of the old year out.

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Give Your Baby the Healthiest, Safest Nursery Possible

With wedding season well underway, you know baby season is sure to follow! Prep your nursery with some of these health and safety tips to make sure your baby grows in a proper home environment.

If you don’t have extra space in your home, maybe you need a home upgrade for your baby to roam? Kristen can help with your real estate move.

Protect your newborn by choosing nontoxic nursery furniture, bedding, rugs and paint. We give you all the details here

Babies spend most of their first year sleeping. So naturally they should have the safest, most nurturing space possible, right? The Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and many of the pollutants and chemicals that could harm your baby aren’t visible to the naked eye. Plastics and vinyl can off-gas potentially harmful phthalates and BPA, and many textiles are treated with toxic flame retardants. Thankfully, in light of this, the marketplace has responded with chemical-free cribs and furniture and organic mattresses and sheets, all of which feel better, smell better and help keep your baby comfortable, healthy and safe.