Home Buying Process

What to expect during the Home Buying Process?

*Please note that every transaction varies based off type of financing and type of sale such as: traditional, short sale, or bank owned. For more details on the process please visit my main website REALTORKJ.com and  call at (831) 635-6719.

Items Needed for a Lender

Are you starting a real estate search or thinking about buying a house to take advantage of the low interest rates? Here are some documents you should start gathering:

1. W2 for 2011 & 2012

2. Pay stubs for last 30 days (current)

3. Bank statements for two months (all pages, please even if blank) this includes savings,checking and any other accounts that have more than $2,000 in it

4. Copy of home insurance policy (declaration page or front page that shows coverage)

5. Copy of mortgage statement for all loans on property (do you have an equity line? If so are you keeping it in place)

6. Copy of Drivers License

7. Is this a Condo or Townhouse? Lenders need HOA information

8. Property tax statement if you have it

9. Permission to run your credit, so lenders can see the score.

10. Let Kristen Jurevich know that you have made contact, so we can go over the local real estate market.

Great tips on Holding Title.



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