Moving Checklist: RealtorKJ

The whirlwind of moving can quickly take on the effects of a hurricane when you add in kids, pets, or special circumstances. As is the case with most things in life, planning is key!

Whether you have six months, or six days to get it all done, just take a deep breath, prepare and let’s get planning!

Once you have decided to move, and established a loose timeline, its time to prep, prioritize and pack. Knowing what you touch and use daily as opposed to items in closets, storage and in the very back of cupboards makes it easier to start packing early on. If you are able to spread the work out, you, your family, and your pets will all feel at ease.

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Bay Area Cost vs. Value 2015

Thinking about remodeling your home but do not know if you will get value from it?  Want to know where to start? Find out the average cost of a project done in the San Jose area and see if it worth the expense.

Cost Versus Value for San Jose-page-009

Entry door replacement, garage addition, and minor kitchen remodel should be homeowners primary focus to remodel or make some improvements due to the rate of return.  Enjoy the changes to your new home now and reap the benefits when you sell your home.

City data for 36 projects, including:

  • City Job Costs
  • City Resale Value
  • City Cost Recouped
  • City/Region Comparison
  • City/National Comparison

Click on the link for more information Cost Versus Value for San Jose

If you need a list of local professionals, please contact real estate agent Kristen Jurevich who has many resources to help with any need.  If you would like a Realtors professional opinion on home value, staging, or ways to maximize your investment, Kristen Jurevich can help any homeowner in the Silicon Valley.

JUST RELEASED: Bay Area Counties MLS Stats for January

San Benito, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties all increased in inventory from the end of 2014 through the first month of January in 2015.  The average sales price in San Benito decreased 10% but Santa Cruz had the highest percentage decrease of 18%.  San Mateo and Santa Clara average price increased 6-7% even with residential inventory increasing 13%.  Buyers are still demanding on living in those counties and will gladly pay the price increase.   The average home stays on the market for a little more than a month before putting a JUST SOLD sign in the yard. If a home is on the market in San Jose, then it will most likely sell FAST. Great news for sellers, especially if you have a 50 year old home with no upgrades.  No worries, an investor or International buyer will gladly take it off your hands.

What can you expect with the real estate market in South County and Hollister? It surely follows the leader….Silicon Valley.  New construction are popping up in almost all vacant lots.  Permits have greatly increased across the board in 2013 compared to the earlier years.  Now buyers can expect to have a brand new home at a fraction of the Bay Area cost.

In general, don’t wait to buy a home.  The Bay Area housing is holding strong, unlike the rest of the United States.  Buyers will pay for the wonderful weather and easy access to work.  Local MLS stats show that things are looking good for real estate.  Where do you fall?

More great MLS Listing facts and reference, click here.

Data supplied is for MLSListings Inc five reported counties: Monterey, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. MLSListings data is tabulated the third of every month to the third of the following month; primarily to account for late corrections and additions by agents. These updates are often not included in most market reports. The Market Indicators Report reflects the most current information on the date the report is generated. A complete report for numbers indicated in summary can be found at in the Media Center. Further media inquiry: please contact

Hollister is More Than a Bedroom Community

After reading a Facebook blog from Hollister Mayor-Ignacio Velazquez with his new year resolutions for Hollister, I was compelled to take a trip to the San Benito County Planning Department to see what was going on with my little community.  With all the new construction developing down almost every vacant lot, I wanted to see if Hollister had any permits or potentials for commercial development.  Unfortunately my dreams were not fulfilled and Lowes or Home Depot did not fill the Hillcrest to Meridian spot.

With an estimated 1,200 homes on the horizon, I asked, “Where are all the people going to go? We only have one Target.”  I was told to “be excited” and Hollister is a “bedroom community.”  Although it was not said in a negative way, I could not help to challenge the remark. I am excited for growth and change, not to mention job security for Realtors like myself. But we also need a place for residents of all ages to go and spend their money locally.

For starters we do have Marich and DeBritos delicious chocolate factories that offers special tours to see divine sweets.  Hollister also contributes to a quarter billion dollars towards the San Benito Farm Bureau with worldwide distribution of vegetables, salad, bell peppers, and let’s not forget the Jurevich cherries.  San Benito Bene is a specialty store located in Downtown Hollister, that displays some of Hollister’s most elegant and personalize gifts.  The store’s owner Kathina is a key asset to the the San Benito Olive Festival which is following the successful profit generating Garlic Festival.

When the Board of Supervisors candidate Victor Gomez spoke at our San Benito County Association of Realtors meeting, he said that he “doesn’t see cars driving by on HWY 25, he sees wallets.”  Isn’t that the truth.  Money being spent elsewhere.  Even if a greater portion of sales stays local, we would have more funding for schools, first responders, and road maintenance.

Now that the ground breaking is happening, rest assure Realtors will be reaching out for more commercial development to sustain our growth.  Let’s make our home a better place to live.  Let’s provide necessities for families at the same rate we build homes.  Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

Can You Handle That Fixer-Upper?

Learn from homeowners who bought into major renovation projects to see if one is right for you


11 Elements of the Perfect Sunroom

With beautiful days like today in Hollister, CA, homeowners should look at these sun-room ideas.  Before starting construction on your home addition,  you should check with your city or county building department.  If the sunroom is done professionally and permitted, then it could help your home value.

California Improving Markets


Wall Street Journal published an article about dirt cheap lots and land rapidly increasing to pricey commodities.  It sparked my interest, so I researched some available lots and lands in San Benito County through the MLS and about 20% have increased their price recently.  Home builders are swooping up the land, getting the permits, and selling them to eager home buyers.  Take a look at the chart below of major California cities that have seen an increase in permits.



Read the Wall Street article here.