What’s your Walk Score


Have you heard about {Walk Score}? Every home on the MLS has a walk score ranked 0-100 which tells you how close you are to restaurants, schools, parks, bars, and more. Home buyers prefer properties that are walkable to some of their favorite places.

The gated 228 Montclair Lane in Salinas {priced at $459,900 for a 3 bed/2.5 bath} has a walk score of 54 with these hot spots less than half a mile:
BJ’s Brewhouse
El Dorado Community Park

Check out the walk score at some of my other public listings:

  • 7070 Rainbow Drive #5, San Jose, CA
  • 233 Montclair Lane, Salinas, CA
  • 1225 Vienna Drive #202, Sunnyvale, CA

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Keeping the Heart of the Holidays Alive

Today, you may be running from errand to errand with a to-do list as long as your arm; stress may be building up about finding “the perfect gift,” preparing for visitors, or taking that trip. You may wonder how you’ll ever get everything done in time. Many non-profits are in the same state of wonder, regarding their year-end donations. Many organizations rely on holiday spirit and kindhearted contributions to fund the coming year.

If you are looking to donate your time, or resources, to those less fortunate, there are many ways to do so. The cause closest to my heart is the Intero Foundation.

Supported by Intero’s offices in Hollister, Gilroy, Santa Clara and Silver Creek (San Jose), the Intero Foundation donated $49,860 to local nonprofits that support low-income and disadvantaged youth in August of 2016. Since its inception, the Foundation, which is funded, promoted and governed by Intero Real Estate Services’ agents and employees, has raised more than $4.5 million. All members of the Intero community – executives, staff, and agents – donate their time to further the Foundation’s mission.

Of specific interest to this round of giving is the $23,860 grant that was presented to Camp Taylor. It’s one of the largest single grants that the Intero Foundation has ever given and will go to support various programs within the nonprofit.

“We are so honored of the positive impact the Intero Foundation is having on the children in our communities,” said Tom Tognoli, Intero President & CEO. “We are especially proud of the incredible grant that was given to Camp Taylor and look forward to the positive impact it will provide to the organization.”

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Intero Foundation will be having their 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party on Thurs. Dec 15th.

A fun way to give back is by attending Intero Foundation’s benefit on Thursday, December 15th for Intero Foundation at Rosie McCann’s on Santana Row.  This 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party will take place from 6pm-10pm and is open to all ages. Come hungry! All proceeds from food will be donating to the Intero Foundation! Don’t forget your most festive apparel!

Some of my favorite recipient’s are

If you are looking for a way to give of yourself this Christmas season, but don’t know where to start- here are several online resources that can keep you informed giving options and where you can volunteer:

Merry Christmas and Happy Giving!

Kristen Jurevich, (831) 801-8206

Hollister Independence Day Rally

While you’re enjoying some family fun in downtown Hollister this weekend, make sure you come see 621 B Street at 12 o’clock on saturday for an open house, the property just had a price improvement so get it while its hot!

View the virtual tour here:


Some fun upcoming events in Hollister

The San Benito county Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo has been providing family entertainment for all ages since 1929. This year is the 83rd annual running of the event and the fun starts on June 23rd at 6:15pm in downtown Hollister for the parade.

The following days of June 24th-26th at Bolado Fairgrounds you can enjoy the art shows, rodeo & horse shows, and also some tasty dinner being provided by El Grullense and Mansmiths BBQ. But to kick off the fun, this weekend on 6/18 at the Guerra Family Cellars is a country tribute concert, so be sure to check it out. To view the entire schedule of the saddle horse show and rodeo you can visit the official website at http://www.sanbenitocountyrodeo.comrodeo parade

photo credit Benitolink.com



Some fun to be had this summer in Hollister

This summer is a great time to go out and enjoy some of Hollister’s great wineries, excellent dining, and evening fun. The Leal vineyards is a beautiful winery located right off of fairview rd in Hollister. It is known for its excellent wine, great food, and beautiful setting.


Some more fun to be had this summer is at the Guerra winery located on John Smith Road. This summer (like summers in the past) the Guerra winery is hosting summer night Concerts starting on June 18th with a country artist tribute.Hollister concert1

Photo credit: Hollisterconcerts.com Lealvineyards.com


San Benito Olive Festival partners with local Realtors

July 2015  

     This not-for-profit festival partners with San Benito County Realtors to promote awareness and appreciation of the region’s world-class culinary agriculture and premier artisans while supporting causes with festival proceeds.

The San Benito Olive Festival Board embraced San Benito County REALTORS ®, who are tireless champions of our area, to spread the word about the third annual celebration of local gourmet delights in October.
Many local real estate agents jumped at the opportunity to purchase the limited 250 tickets to share with clients and friends all across Central California and the Bay Area. Phyllis Swallow of Bertao Real Estate Group says she is planning on giving her tickets to friends, clients, and family, so they too can “enjoy the chef demonstrations” and high quality reusable Olive Festival bags. REALTORS® are also looking forward to supporting local artists from Aromas Hills Artisans, San Benito Arts Council, El Teatro Campesino and others which unites painters, jewelry designers, ceramic artists, writers, performers and more from the Tri-County area.

Offering much to celebrate, taste and enjoy, the San Benito Olive Festival is nestled among the rolling hills of the historic Bolado Park located just 20 miles north of hiking trails at Pinnacles National Park. Life seems to take on a scenic ride on Highway 25, as the Hollister Freedom Rally motorcycle riders tour through San Benito’s beautiful vineyards and ranches. “Our county’s beautiful back road scenery is hands down San Benito County’s BEST feature,” says Donna Silva with Nino Real Estate. Whether you are riding your iron horse or mounting up with your boots and saddle, San Benito’s country spirit is alive.
San Benito County is an agricultural community, with 80% of the land producing fresh food. The executive chef cooking demonstrations, a very popular feature, will include San Benito legend Dorothy McNett and will enlighten attendees about the organic produce being farmed right in our backyards. Hollister agent Sandy Troia with Intero Real Estate Services is already telling clients to “not make plans” for October 17, 2015, because guests will be amazed by the delicious local certified organic fruit and vegetable selections from Coke Farms, Swank Farm Organics, Heirloom Organic Gardens, Phil Foster’s Ranches, just to name a few.

Ranching has been a way of life since San Benito’s inception with cattle and horses roaming throughout the nearly 1400 miles of countryside from Aromas all the way to Bitterwater. When people move to San Benito from the Bay Area, they are attracted to the peacefulness of wide-open spaces and beautiful working landscapes. They continue to discover surprise treats with real flavors from San Juan Bautista’s Morris Grassfed beef, 100% free range grassfed beef from Paicines Ranch, pastured poultry, heritage livestock, heirloom orchards and many more local harvests from renowned farmers in the area.

San Benito County residents are excited to share the increasingly popular wine trails that offer fun events year round. Guerra Family Cellars offers a summer concert series with their tasting room open regularly to the public. Calera wine seems to be a local favorite among REALTORS®, and the Pinot Noir is one that hits everyone’s lips. Pietra Santa’s Cabernet Sauvignon has won numerous medals in the San Francisco Chronicle wine competition, and they also produce organic and infused olive oils. Karen Para with Intero Real Estate Services is looking forward to “seeing old friends and making new acquaintances” at the San Benito Olive Festival VIP tent, which has private tastings with world-class local wineries and crafted beers.
SBC olive oil producers are well rounded in the San Benito community. The Brigantino family are not only realtors in the San Benito County area but also partners in producing an award-winning organic olive oil. Hollister’s Brigantino Olive Oil took gold in the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition. Olive oil is not just for tasting. Another highly acclaimed award winner is Oils of Paicines. Their recent harvest won gold and best of show in the 2015 Central Coast Olive Oil competition. They also use their olive oil in bath and body products, Saddle Oil for saddle, boots, and leather products and even have a line of Olive Leaf Tea.

San Benito REALTORS® enthusiastically procured the Olive Festival tickets before the official public ticket release on July 1. “It is the right thing to support the Olive Festival! We need to get the word out about this event,” states Marilyn Ferreira of Intero Real Estate Services. REALTORS® understand the importance of shopping local to help the community and promote a healthy lifestyle.
Visitors from Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties will enjoy many musicians throughout the festival from Mr. O’s Academy of Arts. REALTORS are looking forward to supporting fellow real estate agent David Baumgartner, who will be singing in his 10-member 1950s do-wop band. San Benito County Association of Realtors President-Elect Valerie Smith comments, “The added entertainment of the live music and variety of vendors up the level of interest and make it an event that I look forward to each year!” Musicians and performers will be entertaining in various locations around many fine food and premier artisan booths and the VIP area.

San Benito real estate agents are greatly connected to the local community and truly are the gatekeepers to the wonderful San Benito County. “I also love going to local events that are sponsored. The sense of community is fantastic…this is a must attend event,” adds Hollister’s Intero Real Estate Services Manager Renee Kunz. Special thank you to all the REALTORS® and San Benito County Association of Realtors board office who support local nonprofits and encourage volunteerism to continue making our area a great place to call home.

For more information on the San Benito Olive Festival, visit sanbenitoolivefestival.com and “like” theirFacebook page for updates and announcements. Phone: (831) 537-7270

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How Green Was My Valley?

by Alain Pinel
General Manager of Intero Prestigio international

Did you see the movie? A big hit from 1941, signed John Ford. Beautiful drama. Another drama, unfolding now in sunny California, could use the same title. The green valleys and lush lawns from years past are not so green anymore. They are turning yellow, if not brown. The sun has a lot to do with this. The lack of water even more.

Every year is somewhat of a gamble around here. Will it rain enough to fill the reservoirs and produce lots of snow in the Sierra? If yes, we’ve got another year to turn the faucets and the sprinklers as we wish to enjoy grass, plants & flowers. If not, well, we’ve got to deal with the drought, somehow.

We had one of those years in 2014, and so far, this year, the picture is pretty bleak. How bleak? Well, California is about to begin its 4th consecutive summer of drought. Winter 2015 turned out to be the driest on record, ever. Many areas have not seen any rainfall to speak of in months and the snowpack water content, measured on April 1st, was at only 5% of average: 1.4 inches instead of 28. That’s how bleak it is.

State, counties and towns are on alert. Tough mandatory restrictions on water use and voluntary cutback programs are being implemented. In some communities, the hunt for violators has begun. In some others, Local or State officials are leaving it up to water companies to play cops and require at least 25% conservation measures in potable urban water. Significant rate hikes are spreading (but don’t represent much of a deterrent in the multi-million dollar price range).

Californians are taking the instructions and the orders seriously…. Well, more or less. Depends who; depends where. You can drive one block and see nothing but brown front yards, and a block further you see healthy green grass. Some people did not get the memo. My own backyard lawn looks badly neglected, and most of the flowers are gone. Redwood bark and synthetic turf have never been more popular, in residential as well as commercial properties. We may have to get used to this new picture.

The question now trotting fast in people’s mind is: what effect will this have on property values? In the land of plenty, in Northern California and Southern California, the question has not been answered yet. The concern is especially vibrant in the priciest zip codes where luxury estates stretching on one acre or more and looking gorgeous thanks in part to beautiful lawns and flowerbeds, will likely look a lot less colorful the balance of the year.

Frankly, I do not believe that, in the short term, the effects of the drought on the usually manicured landscaping of high-end properties will have a measurable impact on home prices or, for that matter, on the number of sales. It is not as if some regions or towns were spared from this calamity; the whole State is concerned. All properties are affected the same way. So, unless some out-of-State buyers decide to skip California for the sake of playing in grass, it will take a lot more than that to stop or even slow the real estate activity.

Long term, say 2 years from now and moving forward, it’s a different story. People in Sacramento better understand the meaning of urgency. Lots of talks about alternative solutions, but not much to show for it. Seems to me that it’s about time, among several options, that we get serious about using sea water in a big way.  Some say that it would be too expensive. No kidding. The cost is always a concern but it is not the main problem here, the main problem is…. Water!

Meanwhile, what can and probably will change, is the way homeowners landscape their properties going forward. No choice in the matter. I can see a lot more “desert landscaping” in the California future. Why not? It can be beautiful actually. If you like Arizona, you will love California. No more thirsty plants. No more expansive lawns. Elegant frugality may become the new normal in the backyard.

There are many other ways to decorate a yard and leverage space without sacrificing beauty or even functionality. I bet a lot of homeowners are going to build bigger but shallow swimming pools to bring color and use up a good fraction of the rear property. Others may decide to put a tennis court. Bocce ball or petanque pads are pretty popular too these days. Your call, depending on your taste, your needs & your means. Think about it quickly though, the “rainy season” is still more than six months away, and, if the past 4 years are any indication, it is not very dependable.