Feng Shui Home Staging Tips

Want to sell your home faster? These simple Feng Shui tips will help attract the right buyers to your home.

Feng Shui Home Staging Tips

Feng Shui Home Staging Tips

1. Mark the Spot. Ask your real estate agent to place the “For Sale” sign to the right of the house, since people naturally look to that side when they approach a home.

2. Clear the Way. Clear away dead plants, vines, shrubs, and branches that block the main pathway so buyers have a clear route to the front door.

3. Greet Buyers. Place two healthy plants or flowers in attractive dark blue planters on both sides of the front door to act as a welcoming threshold to “greet” potential buyers.

4. Clean and Refresh. Clean the front door, repaint if the finish is cracked, old, or faded, add a fresh new doormat, and make sure the doorbell works.

5. Make a Good Impression. Display your Realtor’s cards and flyers inside to the right of the front door, standing upright in racks rather than flat on a table or counter, so they are not symbolically “laying down on the job.”

6. Go Clutter-Free. De-clutter the entire house, paying special attention to the kitchen, closets, and garage to show buyers there is room for their possessions.

7. Help Buyers Visualize. De-personalize the home by removing family photographs and personalized items so buyers can visualize where they will place their own family furniture, decorations, and artwork.

8. Deck the Walls. Remove any art that is dark, sad, or lonely, and make sure everything you display has colorful, friendly, and positive images.

9. Improve the View. Create a beautiful view by cleaning all windows until they sparkle and dusting all the doors and around the doorframes.

10. Get Ready to Go. Pack up five of your most treasured possessions and seal them in a moving box as a symbol you are ready, willing, and able to move!

Original Source: http://fengshuiforreallife.com/Detailed/190.html


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