Bay Area Cost vs. Value 2015

Thinking about remodeling your home but do not know if you will get value from it?  Want to know where to start? Find out the average cost of a project done in the San Jose area and see if it worth the expense.

Cost Versus Value for San Jose-page-009

Entry door replacement, garage addition, and minor kitchen remodel should be homeowners primary focus to remodel or make some improvements due to the rate of return.  Enjoy the changes to your new home now and reap the benefits when you sell your home.

City data for 36 projects, including:

  • City Job Costs
  • City Resale Value
  • City Cost Recouped
  • City/Region Comparison
  • City/National Comparison

Click on the link for more information Cost Versus Value for San Jose

If you need a list of local professionals, please contact real estate agent Kristen Jurevich who has many resources to help with any need.  If you would like a Realtors professional opinion on home value, staging, or ways to maximize your investment, Kristen Jurevich can help any homeowner in the Silicon Valley.


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