15 Reasons to Contact Kristen About a Short Sale

Although short sales held less than 22% San Benito County’s market share for sold properties in the last three years, some homeowners are still struggling paying their mortgage.  Kristen Jurevich is Hollister’s real estate agent who can assist sellers with the right decision to foreclosure alternative like a short sale. Here are a few reasons to contact a local professional who can help you manage your debt:


  1. questions on paperwork your banks sent you
  2. foreseeing a foreclosure
  3. already late on a payment
  4. your loan modification did not work with your lender
  5. want to stay in your home but need help with a loan modification or refinance
  6. need to see if you qualify for government assistance
  7. want to know general information on a short sale
  8. find out the affects of a short sale versus a foreclosure
  9. don’t know what to do with your unbearable mortgage
  10. need local advice on your property value
  11. need uplifting news on the real estate industry
  12. looking to move but your property value went down
  13. heard rumors about a friend or neighbors transaction and want to know if it is true
  14. how you can stop your home value from decreasing by stopping your neighbor from going into foreclosure
  15. just had enough of your lender’s “run-around”

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