Hollister is More Than a Bedroom Community

After reading a Facebook blog from Hollister Mayor-Ignacio Velazquez with his new year resolutions for Hollister, I was compelled to take a trip to the San Benito County Planning Department to see what was going on with my little community.  With all the new construction developing down almost every vacant lot, I wanted to see if Hollister had any permits or potentials for commercial development.  Unfortunately my dreams were not fulfilled and Lowes or Home Depot did not fill the Hillcrest to Meridian spot.

With an estimated 1,200 homes on the horizon, I asked, “Where are all the people going to go? We only have one Target.”  I was told to “be excited” and Hollister is a “bedroom community.”  Although it was not said in a negative way, I could not help to challenge the remark. I am excited for growth and change, not to mention job security for Realtors like myself. But we also need a place for residents of all ages to go and spend their money locally.

For starters we do have Marich and DeBritos delicious chocolate factories that offers special tours to see divine sweets.  Hollister also contributes to a quarter billion dollars towards the San Benito Farm Bureau with worldwide distribution of vegetables, salad, bell peppers, and let’s not forget the Jurevich cherries.  San Benito Bene is a specialty store located in Downtown Hollister, that displays some of Hollister’s most elegant and personalize gifts.  The store’s owner Kathina is a key asset to the the San Benito Olive Festival which is following the successful profit generating Garlic Festival.

When the Board of Supervisors candidate Victor Gomez spoke at our San Benito County Association of Realtors meeting, he said that he “doesn’t see cars driving by on HWY 25, he sees wallets.”  Isn’t that the truth.  Money being spent elsewhere.  Even if a greater portion of sales stays local, we would have more funding for schools, first responders, and road maintenance.

Now that the ground breaking is happening, rest assure Realtors will be reaching out for more commercial development to sustain our growth.  Let’s make our home a better place to live.  Let’s provide necessities for families at the same rate we build homes.  Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.


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