Happy Earth Day: The Power of Herbs

Since San Benito County had a $297 million gross value in agricultural production in 2012, herbs are a great way to spice up the delicious produce.  Celebrate Earth Day and be thankful to have fresh and healthy food in the community.

I love adding herbs to my meals, especially my salads.  Herbs (especially fresh) can help us heal our bodies.  Here is a list of some easy favorites to add to every day meals:

Basil – anti-oxidant great for cardiovascular health
Thyme – anti-oxidant and relieves upper respiratory problems
Turmeric – anti-inflammatory specifically aids as a cancer fighter also known to lower blood pressure
Sage – anti-inflammatory, helps with sore throats
Marjorie – helps with Digestion and sleep
Oregano – Fungal infections
Ginger Root and Apple Pie Spice – Normalizes our ph helps with Nausea and known to lower blood pressure
Jamaican Allspice – helps with gas, bloating, and aids in digestion
Cinnamon – effects blood sugar especially after meal. Also an anti-inflammatory which is anti-cancer
Cumin – helps lower blood glucose levels and is great for anti-bacterial
Cloves – Lowers blood sugar known to be the highest anti-oxidant score of spices
Saffron – known to lower blood pressure
Italian Spice – anti-oxidant anti-cancer

As you can see, adding in some herbs here and there (or, truly, at every meal can make your body younger and younger!)

By Tammy Parkinson
CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist
Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition


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