The Power of Gratitude

“I am thankful for Mondays,” said No One Ever! However maybe today will be different with these blog contribution from Tammy Parkinson, CPT, ACSM, NASM, Nutritionist, Body Firm Personal Training & Nutrition.

As many of you might know, November is national “gratitude month”.  I’ve noticed people posting what they are grateful for on daily blogs, in email tag lines, on Facebook and on Body Firm’s chalk board door!  It’s wonderful to see everyone’s awareness become a little more heightened this time of year.

I’d like to share with you something I am grateful for…the idea was introduced to me after taking a seminar nearly 6 years ago, I was taught the concept of writing in a gratitude journal daily.  At first I was a little hit or miss with writing my daily list, but eventually it became a ritual that I’ve adopted for the last 5 years consistently.  It sets my day like I’ve never experienced before.

Each morning, I pull out my pretty journal (which I buy at the beginning of every year) and write with my jeweled blingy pen 10 things I am grateful for and 10 things I want to attract into each day.  I have also added one “mantra” and one thing which simply just makes me happy.

I do this before I turn on any electronics so I can get focused and appreciative before the day’s needs alter my way of thinking.

I find when I go out in to my day, I am a little more aware of the colors of nature, of other’s attitudes, of the intentions I have set in my daily attractions and how sometimes… spot on…they come true!  I’m always thrilled when this happens…and it happens a lot!

They key is…I’m aware; and in a fast paced world, it’s easy to forget.

When we talk about gratitude, for me, sometimes it’s the little things I try to remember and acknowledge like my hearing, my sight, the health of my family, and having people in my work life and social life who are some of the most amazing individuals on the planet.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work in a career which is authentic and meaningful to me.  I am grateful my body is responsive to being active and gives me back all I ask of it.  There is so much in this world waiting to be recognized and appreciated.

During this month, consider a practice of some kind towards acknowledging what you are grateful for.  Even if it’s just one thing a week, that’s great!  Be aware and enjoy what you have; because for many of us, what we have is exactly what we need.

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