Decorating for Fall When It Still Feels Like Summer

If you live in a location with a warm climate year-round, all this chatter about brisk fall weather, fall fashion and fall decor is probably falling on deaf ears. Personally, I’m still wearing white linen and rocking flip-flops in Miami. But don’t despair — you can still have a taste of fall spice in your home this season. The key is to find affordable decorative items that can be changed in and out with ease. It’s amazing what a difference a small accent wall, rich-colored throw pillows and tons of glowing candles can make.

Visiting family and friends will appreciate your attempts to embrace the seasonal change too, much more than your endless chatter of how warm and sunny it is all year long.

Many owners of warm-weather homes stick to light hues so the spaces feel cool even on the hottest of days. But a few splashes of autumn-inspired color with the change of seasons can remind you of fall without making your home feel heavy.

Think rust tones and olive greens, as shown on the walls here. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to warm up a space, especially when paint is used on just one or two feature walls.

Artwork in warm hues, earth-toned throw pillows and clusters of candles can be budget friendly and temporary ways to spice up an all-white room for the season. Notice how this room’s designer used neutral colors and classic pieces for the big-ticket items, and seasonal colors for accents that can be switched out with ease.

In cooler parts of the world, homeowners are cleaning out their fireplaces and getting ready for colder nights. But fireplaces are exceptions, rather than the norm, in warmer areas, like my home state of Florida. Many of us duplicate the look with the glow of flickering candles.

This home has a faux fireplace built into a custom entertainment unit. If you’re budget minded, you can achieve a similar concept on a wall; work with a professional to cut out, frame and tile a small nook for candles.

Want to keep things super simple? Glowing candles on a coffee table can create the same feel.


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