Home Accessorizing Made Simple

Accessories are what give an interior soul and help distinguish a home from a furniture showroom. When accessories are done right, they tell the story of the owners’ lives — their passions, their travels … and maybe even their heartbreak. But accessorizing a house can be a scary thing. We’re often unsure what to include, what to leave out and how to arrange the things that remain. Fear not. Once you understand the principles, accessorizing can be a snap.

Look around your house, attic, basement and yard for potential accessories. Sometimes it’s not the thing itself, but how you display it, that counts. Common objects like stones, shells or pinecones make great accessories — if you gather enough of them and display them in an attractive bowl. Arrange costume jewelry on a tray or fill a bowl with decorative matchbooks. The next time you travel, skip the T-shirt shop and head for the antiques store, craft gallery or flea market. You’ll come home with something attractive and a story to go with it.

The bottom line: If you have fun with your accessories, your family and friends will get pleasure from them, too. Check out more tips and find more inspiration below.


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