Top 10 Best Cities for Moms

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to share these statistic from a survey done by Redfin.  California dominates some of the best place for momma, but I am most shocked that “hot-tubs” were a top category.  Maybe a hot tub is the best Mother’s Day gift?! 

What kinds of things might mom look for in a home? For this analysis, we decided to focus on fun, relaxation, easy entertainment for the kids, and books. We pored through 300,000 homes for sale across 25 metro areas around the country looking for for-sale listings that had hot tubs for a relaxing soak at the end of the day, nearby parks where the kids can burn off their energy without tearing up the house, were close to shopping so mom can take a break and have some fun, or had a library close by where kids and moms can expand their knowledge.

To generate the lists below we calculated the percentage of listings in each region that had hot tubs, nearby parks, shopping, or libraries, then the cities and neighborhoods were ranked by their total percentage in all four categories to create an overall mom-friendly rating.

The area with the most mom-friendly homes was Los Angeles, where 5.2% of listings had a hot tub, 12.5% were near a park, 13.5% had convenient shopping, and 4.7% were near libraries. Here are the top ten:

Rank Metro Area Hot Tubs Parks Shopping Libraries
1 Los Angeles, CA 5.2% 12.5% 13.5% 4.7%
2 Ventura, CA 4.3% 13.7% 11.1% 6.4%
3 San Diego, CA 5.6% 11.3% 12.9% 4.8%
4 Seattle, WA 5.1% 13.3% 11.3% 1.9%
5 Philadelphia, PA 4.4% 8.3% 15.1% 2.8%
6 San Jose, CA 2.8% 9.7% 14.1% 2.9%
7 Denver, CO 4.8% 14.6% 8.0% 1.6%
8 Chicago, IL 4.1% 10.5% 9.9% 2.1%
9 Sacramento, CA 1.7% 11.8% 10.7% 1.1%
10 Inland Empire, CA 3.6% 6.6% 12.5% 2.1%



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