How to be the most attractive home buyer

As home prices continue to recover and interest rates remain at near-record lows, many houses are receiving multiple offers and to win the bid, buyers need to stand out from the crowd. According to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ most-recent housing report, the median number of days it took to sell a single-family home decreased to 29.4 days in March.
Making sense of the story
  • Since markets are moving fast, housing experts recommend buyers have their loan pre-approved and their down payment ready before starting their search. With low inventory and demand high, buyers need to know their parameters.
  • Multiple offers are become the norm, so buyers need to be ready to compete and do their homework to seal the deal. The longer the negotiations, the bigger the chance a buyer could lose out to someone else who made a better offer.
  • Buyers also must be reasonable without being difficult because until an offer is signed, sealed, and delivered, other buyers can make offers on the property.
  • Even though it’s a competitive market, buyers should maintain their budget and not pay more for a house than it’s worth. Experts also warn that buyers shouldn’t cut corners like skipping the home inspection.
  • To be an attractive home buyer, consumers should plan ahead by checking their credit for accuracy and avoiding making any big purchases or taking on any big debt while house hunting.
  • Buyers who spot a good deal on a house shouldn’t wait days to make an offer. Since time isn’t on the buyer’s side, learning how to spot a great deal by researching an area’s home prices is pertinent.
  • In this market, cash is king. The more cash a buyer has, the more appealing they are as a buyer. Putting down 20 percent or more also makes a buyer look more financially stable and gives sellers comfort that they’ll qualify for a mortgage.

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