Property Taxes Due by April 10th

Property Taxes Due

On April 10th at 5PM, San Benito County tax collector will be looking for homeowners 2nd installment of their property taxes. Hopefully every homeowners has prepared for this date, and they have saved money to pay their property taxes on time.

If the payment is late, then a penalty fee of 10% and a service charge will be added to the bill.  Property taxes go on the Preliminary Report and affect title, so homeowners need to make this a priority.  If owners have a hard time saving for the 2 installments for taxes, speak to their mortgage company on a compound account to add the taxes into their monthly mortgage payment.

Do not let this be a surprise next year, as most homeowners property taxes will increase with your home value!  Findo ore information on the San Benito County Tax Collector website.


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