Top 5 Facts from the Hollister School District Superintendent


Hollister’s Intero Real Estate Services had a private meeting today with the Hollister School District (HSD) Superintendent Gary McIntire, Ed.D to discuss the elementary schools budget and programs.  Buyers usually ask real estate agents about the schools in a particular area, when they are considering purchasing a home.  A good REALTOR has knowledge of the community they serve to better help buyers and sellers.  Here are 5 top facts to understanding the local school district.

  1. When you stop growing, you have to start cutting- If Hollister does not increase their tax revenue from City or housing taxes, then they cannot afford to continue to run the programs or add new ones.  With new subdivisions, the tax revenue helps support school funding. The HSD receives Federal funding, however that continuously is being cut back due to the economic state. McIntire, Ed. D has dealt with major budget cuts since coming into his position a few years ago.  Unfortunately March 15th is the cut off for pink slips to go out for teachers in the next school year.  
  2. Hollister Dual Language Academy- Two classes located near Calveras School have made children proficient in English and Spanish, while showing high test ratings.  The students are chosen by lottery for the highly demanded program.  The HSD never wants to break up a family and always try to accommodate with same schools or programs.  The Accelerated Achievement Academy is also another well known program that provides special attention to children.
  3. Believe ALL Students Can Learn-Although the No Child Left Behind is in effect and mandated, McIntire truly believes that every child deserves the chance for a great education.  Students are continuously tested which shows how effective the teachers curriculum is being transferred to the children.  If the children are not learning, then they are definitely monitoring why.
  4. Charter School-The HSD has been approached by a charter school from Gilroy to start a program on the R.O. Hardin campus.  The program would allow more children to excel at a faster rate, and they have shown positive results.  Please attend the HSD meetings to see the progress and possibility of this program.
  5. Feel Safe-The schools have partnered with the Hollister Police Department, San Benito County Sheriff’s Office, and Fire Departments to make sure the children and staff are protected to the best of their current ability. The schools have ongoing safety protocols for disastrous events.   To protect the school’s current assets like computers, cameras, and other technology, they have alarms and extra security to make sure no one robs the children of their educational material.

After listening to McIntire, Ed. D. speak, I only hope that business consider a move to Hollister to generate tax revenue to help support the 5600 children in the Hollister School District.  As one of the largest counties in California, San Benito County does have the space and land to support the ideas of BIG BUSINESS.


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