Using Color for Health

After years of research, professionals and doctors have discovered great effects of color on the human body.  Not only can color improve a room in a home, office, or business, but it can also change a situation or mental state into thinking something different.  The Color Answer Book by Leatrice Eisman describes some of the conditions and how a color can create a cure to the negative mood.

Keep in mind that colors have shades and tones which can tie into your personal style in creating the perfect environment.  Looking at some of the color cures, I personally have purple walls in my craft area to heighten my creativity for all my Pinterest projects.  I found a shade of purple that blended nicely with other traditional colors.  Do not be afraid of change because you can always paint it another color.

Condition Color Cure
Anxiety Golden or mellow yellow induces a feeling of optimism, enlightenment
Claustrophobia Paint the ceiling sky blue
Creative “block” Purple will boost your creativity
Depression Vibrant colors lift the spirits
Depth perception Yellow lenses in eyeglasses or goggles
Difficulty focusing Dark blue encourages meditative thinking
Insomnia Light, mid-blue and blue-green induce
Irritability Nature’s greens are great equalizers and harmonizers. Take a walk in the woods or go to a park. Experience the great outdoors.
Jet lag Blue and green lenses worn before and
during flight
Lackluster love life Red, hot pink and orange rev up the adrenaline
lethargy or fatigue
Over-stressed Blues, blue-greens and greens relax and calm nerves

Portions reproduced from “THE COLOR ANSWER BOOK” with the permission of Leatrice Eiseman.


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