Weekly Real Estate Market Watch May 22-29, 2012

Consumer confidence is on the rise in the San Benito County housing industry just like the rest of America, however the higher end real estate market is statistically still seeing a decrease in prices.  It is great news that sellers are motivated to putting their highly desirable homes on the market, but they still have to market their home at current value.

Every seller wants the highest value for their home, but they have to remove their emotions and go by statistics. How does your home compare to other homes with similar features in a close neighboring area in Hollister?  Age, square footage, lot size, bedrooms, and bathrooms are the main price point factors, and all the gardening, new carpet, paint, and plumbing fixtures are just bonuses in the value.  While a well kept home is more attractive than one that needs some TLC, the structure components are the main selling points.

Do you have questions about your home value or need to know what price your home will sell at locally? Please call for a free market analysis at (831) 635-6719 or email KJurevich@gmail.com to be a part of my monthly statistics e-newsletter.



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