Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer?

It’s that time of year again! Follow the steps below to prepare your pool for splashing good times.

Clean the pool deck area: Don’t even think about removing the pool cover until debris left on the pool deck is swept clean. Use a hose and broom to remove debris.

Remove and clean the pool cover: Remove the pool cover from the pool and lay it out as much as possible on the pool deck. Use a mild detergent to scrub off any stuck-on dirt, then simply hose off the pool cover till clean.

Inspect the pool shell: Look for cracks in the pool plaster and around the waterline. You can choose to repair minor cracks yourself, but for more severe cracks, call a professional.

Fill up with water: Usually some water evaporates into the air while the pool is not in use. When it comes to filling the swimming pool, allow the water level to reach the middle of the pool tile.

Pool tile cleaning: Use this opportunity to remove any stains or scale from the pool tile with a household tile cleaner.

Continue preparing the pool water as necessary to make sure it’s clean, sanitary and free of bacteria and algae. Run the pool filter for a good 24 hours or more to complete cleaning the pool and water.

Jump in and ENJOY!!!

For full article by Michelle Egan


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