Top 5 Home Maintenance in Raining Weather

Don’t let the rain ruin your spring cleaning routine.  Now you check a few home maintenance tips off your list to make sure your home stays in tip-top shape.  The few routine checks now can save you lots of money in the long run.

  1. Put on your rain coat and rubber boots and take a stroll around your house to check out the gutters. The excess water and debris can run along the house cause cracks in the stucco and cause Section One Pest Inspection issues.
  2. Trim tress that hit the house because they can cause damage to the exterior, get debris in the gutters, break windows, and cause scary “ghost like” shadows on your walls
  3. If a window breaks, remove glass safely and cover with plywood on the inside and outside. A temporary fix can help major problems later on.
  4. Check the attic and all ceilings for water stains or dripping because you may have a leak without even knowing it.
  5. Cover open electrical equipment and never touch with your bare hands. Call your utility company to help with a concern to avoid shock or harm.

If you need a general contractor, roofer, electrician, or any other assistance, please let me know any I will be happy to share my resources.


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