Weekly Real Estate Market Watch March 20-27, 2012

San Benito County has fewer properties available for buyers to purchase, compared to more recent activity over the past couple months.  The National Association of Realtors is expecting home prices to rise 7-10% over 2012, so investors or “people looking for a good deal” may have fewer foreclosures and short sales to chose from.  While delays in the foreclosure process, refinancing programs, and loan modifications may be making it harder for a market recovery,  the Hollister market buyers are not able to find as cheap homes anymore.

As the real estate spectrum seems to shift more in favor of sellers, they can finally find a sense of relieve from their financial hardship.  It is amazing to share that Bank of America approved a short sale, so my buyer can move into his new home within 60 days.  Another lender American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. postponed an auction date to allow consideration of a short sale and gave a tentative approval.  As real estate agents, brokers, lenders, escrow and title officers become more knowledgeable of the new process, buyers and sellers are finding relief and getting closer to their real estate goals.

Now you know the perfect Realtor to get you one step closer to the investment property and become a part of the booming rental industry or buy a foreclosed house you can make your dream home, or finally have the opportunity to move again.

Click on the photo for a current list of foreclosure listings (3/27/2012) in San Benito County.  If you would like a detailed list, email KJurevich@gmail.com at no obligation or call 831.635.6719.


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