Monday Real Estate Market Myth: No Money for an Attorney

Myth: A distressed homeowner has no one to discuss their selling options, if they cannot afford a real estate attorney.

FALSE: Before a homeowner agrees or decides to any mortgage change from a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, or any other real estate matter, they should talk to a real estate attorney.  Many homeowners do not know the hidden issues that have long terms effects like credit score, tax consequences, future liability, future buying power, and other unpredictable consequences.

A lot of people do not have the funds to pay for the expertise, but some attorney have flat 30-60 minute rates.  Every minute counts, so struggling homeowners should do their homework beforehand by collecting documentation for a meeting.  Also talking to a real estate agent helps homeowners know their options and discover what might work best for them.

Monterey County is holding a local FREE Foreclosure Prevention Workshop and the event includes:

  • DON’T PAY for Foreclosure Prevention or Loan modification!
  • Financial Fitness
  • Predatory Lending
  • California Foreclosure Process & steps: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS
  • How HRC can help you – for FREE

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
10:00 am – 12:00pm
134 E. Rossi Street
Salinas, CA 93901
Call (831) 424-9186 or toll free (800) 946-1911
Space is limited, so please call to reserve your seat

To discover all your home selling options, contact real estate agent Kristen Jurevich at 831.635.6719 in the Hollister, San Juan, Aromas, Gilroy, Salinas, Monterey, or surrounding areas for your free consultation


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