Monday Real Estate Market Myth: CHASE accelerator program

Myth: The Chase-JP Morgan home loan borrower received a letter from Chase for a $30,000 short sale accelerator program.

True: Chase bank is mailing letters to specific borrowers for an “ongoing customer solicitation campaign” which offers struggling customers facing a financial hardship a cash incentive of $3000-30,000 after a short sale for relocation assistance.  Yes, you hear right.  A big bank is giving their customers money to list their home with a local real estate agent, get an accepted offer, and close the short sale.

The only way you receive the incentive is if CHASE mails you a letter, so it is important that homeowners read their 111 CHASE mail prior to foreclosure to take advantage of the cash incentive.

I have seen this program with a client, so good things may happen to you.  Also watch for fraudulent letters, and do not send your private information or money to an unknown source. If you need a real estate agent in the Hollister, San Juan, Aromas, Gilroy, Salinas, Monterey, or other area, please contact Kristen Jurevich at 831.635.6719


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