Steps to Family Safety in Your New Home

Protect Your Family From Fire Banner

Teach Fire Prevention Right In Your Home

Protect the ones you love, by having a plan should a fire break out in your home.  This week is fire prevention week, so firefighters and home insurance agencies have teamed up to help save your loved ones.

  1. Make a drawing of you home and include all windows and doors along with the location of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Create 2 exit strategies for each room
  3. Walk through the house as family and show how to use the exits.  Now you may notice things are obstructing the routes, so time to rearrange your items.
  4. Have a meeting spot a safe distance from your house for everyone to meet.
  5. Practice with your family, so they are aware of the noises and situation when it could happen
Sometimes it may be impossible to get out of the house and the best thing to do according to the National Fire Protection Association is to “seal yourself into the fire”:
  1. Grab your phone
  2. Close all doors to separate you from the fire
  3. Use a towel to cover air vents or under the door cracks to prevent smoke from entering.
  4. Open a safe window to let fresh air in
  5. Call the fire department and tell them your exact location
Other great maintence tips to prevent a home fire:
  1. Let the professionals do their work.  Do not handle any sort of fire yourself, as the longer you delay in calling the worse the fire may become.
  2. Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector.  It will not do the home, you, or the family, any good if they do not work.
  3. Have inspections on the chimney, fireplace, roof, etc, because some hazards are easily over looked and an extra set of eyes can prevent danger.
  4. Clean up the cutter as clogged dryer vents, stacks of paper, and flammable materials are ignited for fire.
  5. Use the fire hazard checklist to see how you can make an improvement to your home.
Buyers moving into a new home with little children should go over the proper steps to make sure their children are educated to provide a greater chance of survival.  The small time it takes to prepare for a fire emergency, could save you the rest of your life.

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