Anonymous Online Profiles Taken to Court

Have you written false reviews either positive or negative about a company or person, and disguised your online trail as another person?  “Sock puppeting” is becoming a growing trend in the court system and John Mackey, the chief executive of Whole Foods Market, is the poster child of the new discovery.  Everything you search, review, add, send, or “like” online is followed and can potentially ruin your reputation.

Mr. Mackey acted as a female online who bashed competitors online, also known as cyber-smearing, and talked wonderfully about himself and Whole Foods.  The rumors of the false information supplied about his competitors are the grounds of “sock puppeting” are fraud, deceit, and manipulation while online.  For more information on this case: click here.

“Sock puppeting” may be a growing trend as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and other personal profiles are at the tips of every finger.  A good rule to remember is that anything online can be sent to anyone in the world at any moment.  As a Realtor with so much of my business coming from a referral system in the small Hollister community, I try to remember to never post anything that I cannot directly say to a potential client.  You never know who is reading it on the other side of a screen.



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