REaDy for the Truth on RED?

Are you REaDy for this?

Did you know that the color red came from tiny insect called Cochineal that was praised by world explorers upon discovery? A small beetle looking insect which thrives on cactus are dried and then crushed to produce a powered dye. The dye is strong enough to alter material, food, cookies, candies, art, make-up, paint, wood, and almost anything it touches to the deep red many people love.

Because the insect was rare, the 16th Century Europeans considered the red material as a sign of wealth and status.  Look at the Pope Julius, British army men, and a living room interior below, as all show some sort of power that not everyone could easily grasp.

Red still continues the high status in today’s homes, as homeowners like to add a wall of color and most likely it is red than any other color in the spectrum. It is a bold color that stimulates energy and provides a sense of protection. Red is not just a color and has many psychological effects that one may not even realize.


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