Small Businesses Get Help for BIG Success

Small Business Development Center

The California Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is paving a road for successful entrepreneurship in the tri-county area: San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Clara.  With 32 service centers across California, SBDC created 680 new businesses in 2010 and generated an increase in sales close to $85 million dollars for California.  The government  supports this organization because the small businesses created about $10.5 million in tax revenue alone.  Small businesses are definitely doing their part to fill the debt hole.

How can SBCD help you as an individual?  With a free appointment, they help you develop a strong business plan along with setting up a solid foundation, strategy, and vision for a profitable business.

SBCD Offers:

  • workshops
  • training
  • private and confidential consulting
  • loan packaging
  • technology development
  • networking
  • and more…
Positive Aspects:
  • No out of pocket costs for SBDC private consultation
  • Better business understanding
  • Encouraging environment to develop skills or ideas
  • Improvement with finances and profits
  • Local help available
If you have a business idea and need help with financing your business, SBDC evaluates you financial situation and help you prepare a financial statement for a loan request.  You get insider trade knowledge of what an investor looks for in a portfolio.
You can call (831) 675-7232 to request service in Hollister or surrounding areas or visit the website.
Thank you Nancy Martin with Economic Development Corporation of San Benito County for sharing this information at the Intero Real Estate Services office meeting.  I look forward to San Benito County being California’s hot spot within 15 years! I’m a believer and pro-growth!

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