Helping a Vet to Help America’s Recovery

Did you know, that there are

152 U.S. Airforce bases, 

144 U.S. Army bases, 

12 Coast Guard bases, 

40 Marines bases, 

88 U.S. Navy bases, 

10 Navy Base Ship Unit,

 1.77 Active Duty Military, 

1.4 Million Active Reserves* which totals about 22 million Veterans in the United States.  Because you have risked your life for our country, the U.S. government had created 100% financing to purchase a home with no mortgage insurance unlike the 1st time home buyer FHA loan.  They may only have to pay a financing fee, which could be waived if the Vet is disabled.  Plus the seller can pay up to 4% in closing costs, ask your experienced Realtor like myself.  Extra closing cost money could be used to pay down the Vets bills so they have a lower debt to income ratio for a better interest rate.

Do you qualify?  If you have been in war time for at least 90 days.  Click here for the full requirements from the official VA Loans website

Are there loan limits: Yes, in San Benito County =$843,750 in Santa Clara =$843,75 in Monterey =$431,250, if you want to know another county, please contact me and I will be happy to help!

If you know any Veteran who is looking to purchase a home after their service.  I will be happy to help, near or far!

*Thanks TBWS Daily for the info!


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