Weekly Market Watch: June 21-28, 2011

Wow, take a look at this weeks market watch for San Benito County, and you will see all the price decreases within the week.  An astonishing 23 new listings under $400,000 just came on the market, so all the homeowners who were waiting for summer to list have lots of competition.  Buyers, it is a great time to buy.  Short sale listings are still the lead in our market, so patience is key in our industry.  You are at the mercy of a banks response, so you really just need to keep your eyes on the prize-a new home.

Depending on where you stand in the Hollister real estate transaction-a buyer, traditional seller, short sale seller, investor- you are facing a different market that needs to evaluated by your real estate professional like myself, Kristen Jurevich at 831-635-6719.  If a seller was waiting to list their home, unfortunately their home may have went down in value due to all the other properties on the market.  If a buyer is in the market for a new home, then they are probably getting a great property at low interest rates.


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