School’s Out For Summer: Permits Needed

As the kids are joyous for the endless summer days, parents are thinking of ways to get their children out of the house again.  Instead of letting them roam around free and getting into trouble, encourage children under 18 to get a job and start saving for college or their first investment: a house.  Not only can they earn money to purchase those extra “necessities,” employment positively forces children to make a commitment, work with others, set a stronger level of discipline, and strive for goals like another pay raise.  Before they can be hired by an employee and work, teenagers need to have a valid worker’s permit.

An under 18 years worker can pick up a worker’s permit at the public school where they attended, where an authorized personnel will help you.  The forms different from state and county, so the more stricter requirements will be followed.  Here is something you may be looking for:  “Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit“.   If you do not attend a public school, you can got to San Benito County Office of Education on 460 Fifth Street, Hollister, CA 95023 for a permit.  Employers should not ignore this permit or they could be fined $500 for employing an under-aged worker.

San Benito County


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