Congrats Class of 2011 Hollister Haybalers



Congrats to all the graduates of 2011 from San Benito High School! The world can take you so many places, so do not settle for anything less than what you want to do. A few words of advice:


  • Just say No-temptation island is around you so only do the things that will improve your life
  • Every choice has a consequence-My 12th grade psychology teacher told me that and I will never forget it
  • Live “in the now” but be conscious about the future-Spoil yourself with travel, but save for an unfortunate and unplanned disaster.
  • Be free- Do what you want to do, as you will have to live that life.  You are growing into your own person, so be happy with the road you are taking.
  • Take in all the exposure but roll it off-The world is not as scary as the news makes it to be.  War, fights, suicides, and other devastating stories poison our spirits, but you can only control yourself.
  • Start saving for investments-Last but not least, invest, invest, invest!  Real estate will be one of the biggest investments you achieve in your life. Save for a 3.5% down payment, and you will be able to own your own home with the wonderful financing and low interest rates.  They will not last forever, so bust open that piggy bank!
Congrats again Class of 2011, YOU DID IT!

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