7 Reasons to Buy a New Construction

Hollister has lifted the moratorium and contractors have been swinging the hammer to get the new homes up and SOLD.  Developers have been working close with real estate agents to get homes closed.  Before you eliminate new homes because of the higher prices, take a look at all the benefits:
  1. Move-In Ready-A buyer does not have to worry about repairs, as some bank owned or short sale previous owners stopped maintaining the property.
  2. Unbelievable Loans-Builders tend to create relationships with private lenders that offer loans terms that are difficult for big businesses to match.  It is always good for a buyer to shop around for the best mortgage for their lifestyle.  Also the builders preferred lender is familiar with the new home purchase process which will most likely create a smooth and successful transaction.
  3. No Hidden Items-Know what you are getting right from the beginning because contractors have their license on the line.  If the seller knows something about the property, then they must disclose it.  With bank owned properties, many times buyers waive the rights
  4. Higher Standards-As there are new codes, regulations, and energy efficient products, new homes tend to have better quality paints, appliances, structural materials, and other positive living functions.
  5. Resale Value-Depending on the buyer, a new home compares more favorable to an older home due to less ware and tear on the home.
  6. Warranties-Since everything is new like carpet, paint, windows, fixtures, water heaters, furnaces, and everything else, most builders guarantee that everything will be in working order for at least a year.
  7. Your Choice-Prior to completion, the homeowner could have an option of the site location, orientation, choices of paint colors, landscape design, and other decorative structural layouts.

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