Wells Fargo Donates to Charity

Wells Fargo: Giving Back to Local Communities

The Baler Backers Athletic Organization, the non-profit  financial supporters of the San Benito High School Athletic Department, has received two Baler sport team $300 donation on behalf of closing a loan with Wells Fargo.   Along with great home rates and great representative service, the Wells Fargo’s program can be followed in 3  simple…

  1. Close a home loan with Wells Fargo
  2. Fill out the $300 Community Support Contribution Form with the your lender, loan, and charity information
  3. Fax to (415) 975-6260 or contact your Wells Fargo lender for further help

Wells Fargo will make the $300 contribution to the faith-based or non-profit organization of their choice in order to make a difference right in your town.  The mortgage company is truly sharing, caring, giving, and receiving with this program.  Take advantage of the program while it lasts and certain exclusions do apply.   Contact me if you need to speak to a Wells Fargo representative in your area at 831. 635.6719 or KJurevich@gmail.com


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