Homeowners Insurance: Don’t get burned!

Thinking about selling a home? Keep your insurance coverage! Thinking about buying a home? Start your coverage once you close escrow.  Do not let a day lapse without homeowner coverage because no one knows when a natural disaster might occur: fire, earthquake, tsunami, etc.   The stress of loosing a home filled of memories and possessions is devastating, but being stranded in a pile of ash is not a thought you want!  Here are 4 things that need coverage and 4 ways to help the insurance claim stress.

Make sure your coverage is at least for:

  1. the structure of the home
  2. the items in the home
  3. people in the home
  4. your temporary new home
How can you make things less stressful, if an insurance claim needs to be made
  1. take photos of rooms with items
  2. write down serial numbers, make, model, and description of items such as tvs, computers, appliances
  3. make a copy and store it in a safety deposit box or trusted friend/family home
  4. follow-up with claims and keep records

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