Homeownership Leads To Smarter Children

Homeownership  is not only one of your biggest tax write offs and financial investments but also a stable and secure environment that allows your children to higher academic achievement than children who live in rentals. The National Association of Realtors has performed many studies to show a correlation between homeownership and renting, where homeowner children perform 10% higher in math and reading testing along with 116% college graduation rate increase.  Parents are more likely to be involved in their children’s lives, which provides a supportive environment for children.  Being held accountable for any task whether it is parents checking children’s homework or a homeowner borrowing money for a bank, people will try to do better to make things work in their favor such: an A+ paper or full ownership of a home.   The opportunity to purchase a home to support your family and provide a better life is now with low interest rates.   Don’t wait…

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