10 Steps in the Home Buying Process

Every real estate transaction is different from one another, as everyone has different finances, lenders, requirements, contingencies, expectations, and emotions, but I try to keep a standard procedure to create success.  Here are my steps in the home buying process:

  1. Meet and Greet- We discuss your expectations and real estate goal, after we both decide to work together you as a loyal buyer or seller and me-as your REALTOR.
  2. Find the Perfect Lender-You should shop around for the best loan and get pre-approved from a reliable lender.  I have a strong team of lenders that I prefer, but ultimately you choose!  To quicken the process, have your financial documents ready to determine your purchase power.
  3. Write an Offers- Depending on the type of market, we may be writing multiple offers along with multiple counter offers.  Do not be discouraged from the competition, as it is good to put up a fight for something you really want.  Everything happens for a reason, and I will help you find your perfect home.
  4. Get in Contract- An offer can be accepted, countered, or rejected.  If you are accepted, then you have secured a position to buy and now you start the loan process and contingency removal period.
  5. Order Inspections-This time period varies on how you write the contract.  The goal is to inspect the property to see if there are any issues that could affect the value and/or desirability of the property.  I also like to find out anything that the “nosey neighbor” might tell you.
  6. Loan Underwriting Approval-Right after we get into contract, your lender will be collecting more and more documents from you.  Exhausting, but time is of the essence and we need to get  paperwork in immediately or everything gets held up!
  7. Remove Contingencies-You are moving forward with buying the house after inspection and loan and appraisal contingencies are removed.  Everything is good to go and you will continue with the property!  The lender already ordered an appraisal to make sure the home has value.
  8. Sign Loan Documents-Papers, papers, papers! Sign off on your loan to make sure you understand the terms, usually a week before close of escrow.  I attend to make sure you feel at ease, and hand in any documents they may need to add from the contract.
  9. Loan Funds-Usually one business day before close of escrow, the lender will fund the loan for the purchase.  The funds go into a neutral 3rd party account and makes sure the deed of trust is free of liens and available to transfer title.
  10. Close Escrow-Once I hear that the county has recorded title into your name, I get to hand you the keys (my favorite part) and WELCOME you HOME!

Having a happy ending, I strive to make the process enjoyable and entertaining.  I’m here to give your memories a home.


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