Great Announcements from San Benito Recorders Office

On days like today in beautiful and sunny Hollister, CA, I wish I knew how to play golf.  I would definitely ditch meetings to enjoy a round with the ladies golf club, and schmooze with them about the “market of opportunity” that we are experiencing.  Too bad no one wants a beginner on their team 🙂

Looks like I will just be bringing you some interesting facts that I learned in our General Membership meeting for the San Benito County Association of Realtors.

The SBC County Clerk Auditor-Recorder Joe Paul Gonzalez gave us an update on the progressive movement of making Hollister more mobile.  Instead of tracking information on land, liens, deeds, along with vital certificates: birth, death, and marriage, etc in hardbound books, they are transferring data to the web for more consumer friendly access.  The data, starting at 1873,  input is tedious and must be done accurately.  Realtors, appraisers, homebuyers, sellers, and builders will benefit from the easy access of the public information.  Way to go Hollister!

Also at the meeting one of the graphs we received was the 2010-11 Monthly Recordings

The graph shows a huge increase in liens on properties in September, and the reasons are non-custodial parents who have not paid child support are recorded and credit card agencies who have not paid past due accounts record liens. 

Deeds and Deeds of Trust sort of follow the same pattern until we see a spike in refinance.

Fewer Notice of Defaults have been filed towards the end of the year compared to the first quarter.  People are managing to save their credit and go towards Short Sales as their foreclosure alternative.  Started in January 2011, CA state law prohibits first lien holders to pursue borrowers for forgiven debt in a written approved short sale.  Finally homeowners are seeing the positive side and using a Realtor to make a quicker market recovery.



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